Practice Sales


Introducing Medical Resources Group’s Practice Sale Marketing Division –
Your Partner in Practice Transition!

Are you a dedicated healthcare professional considering the next chapter in your illustrious career?

We understand that selling your medical practice is a significant decision, and we’re here to help make the process seamless, efficient, and successful!

At Medical Resources Group, we assist in showcasing medical practices online to connect with potential buyers. With our expertise and large network, we transform your practice into a compelling narrative, reaching a wide audience of qualified and interested individuals.

Why Choose Medical Resources Group’s Practice Sale division?

Online presence & strategies

Our online presence is strictly tailored for medical professionals, making it much easier to reach your intended audience, and we craft personalised content that highlights the unique strengths and offerings of your practice.

Maximum visibility

Leverage the power of social media to reach a vast network of healthcare professionals actively seeking new opportunities.


We prioritise your privacy and ensure a discreet process, safeguarding sensitive information about your practice throughout the sale.

Experienced team

Our team possesses the necessary experience in social media and email marketing, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

High-quality content

Professionally curated content that highlight the key aspects of your practice, creating a compelling and engaging narrative for potential buyers.

What you pay

Costs available on request.

The Process:

  • Initial Consultation: Begin your journey by reaching out to us for an initial consultation. This is to understand your goals, preferences, and the unique strengths of your medical practice.
  • Tailored Marketing Plan: Based on the insights gathered, we will craft a personalised marketing plan. This plan will outline the strategies we’ll employ to highlight the key features of your practice and attract the right audience.
  • Online Presence Optimisation: Our team will work on creating a customised and professionally designed online presence for your practice. This includes dedicated, social media content, and other online platforms that will showcase your practice in its best light.
  • Facilitated Connections: Once the marketing efforts generate interest, we actively facilitate connections between you and potential buyers.
  • Legacy Continuation: Entrust us with the honor of seamlessly transitioning your practice into capable hands. We prioritise honoring your legacy and hard work, ensuring that your practice continues to thrive under new ownership.
  • Post-Sale Support: Even after the sale is complete, our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end. We offer post-sale support to you, ensuring a smooth transition period.