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Certificate in Practice Management


Medical practices have advanced to more than a doctor with a prescription and a syringe. The role of Leadership, communication and professionalism has been added to the list of competencies to run a successful medical practice.
We have designed a practical programme as introduction to the medical practice management principles to equip medical practice executives for their important role in the business.

Our learning programme will focus on leadership aspects incorporated with management functions and the ethical responsibilities in this environment. It will make the learner aware of their role in managing the medical practice and also add to the personal development of individuals.

Purpose of this Programme

This programme is designed to address the management needs of independent health care practitioners and employers (doctors, pharmacists, dentists, receptionists, billing Staff etc) currently no or very limited exposure is given to management issues in the undergraduate curriculum of health care professionals. The programme is not accredited with any professional institution, but the designers have included the required outcomes of the SAQA Qualification # 50368 as basis to ensure that the skills & knowledge required in this environment is transferred appropriately.

The programme covers the basic principles of management conceptualised for the ethical and environmental realities of health care practice. By introducing management practices for private health care provision, it supports providers in understanding national health care goals, policies and objectives.


The Certificate in Practice Management is a SAQA aligned Course (50368). The programme is certified by Trainingworx and endorsed by Careerworx Medical.  To qualify for the certificate of completion of the Learning Program, participants should successfully complete the assessment process

Programme Design

The Practice Management is taught through a distance education format enabling participants to complete the programme at their own pace within 12 months.

Participants will receive comprehensive and user-friendly study material covering all the modules. No other textbooks will be required. Five (5) assignments designed to transfer key concepts from the programme into the participant’s working environment.

Who Should Attend?

Practice managers, Receptionists and all health professionals in private practice or who plan to go into private practice.

Course Fees

R 4 000. This includes all study material (Textbooks, study guides and tutorials). Inclusive of all VAT and taxes where applicable.


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