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Offering professional, reliable and timeous human resource solutions, managed healthcare and locum healthcare professionals to the medical industry.

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Tailored practice management packages, taking care of your practice while you are saving lives.


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Search and Apply for jobs if you are in the market, or advertise available positions as an employer.



Placement of Locum doctors in GP Rooms, Emergency Units and Occupational health.



We take recruitment to the next level, forming solid relationships with our clients through great service.


About Medical

Medical Resources Group (Pty) Ltd. is considered one of the premier healthcare consultancy companies in the country that offers a wide range of solutions to the community and Corporate entities. We are a market leading company, aiming to offer a professional, reliable and timeous services.

This is where the who’s who in the medicine and healthcare industry can find the perfect job by providing you with information on medical professionals seeking jobs and medical practitioners.

Medical Resources Group will continue to innovate new features, powerful tools, and rich, localized content. All to help users discover jobs/training no matter how they prefer to search. Doctors, hospitals, institutions and other medical, health & wellness professionals have trusted their contact, profile information and Human Resources to the Medical Resources Group.

Malpractice Insurance

Safeguarding Your Healthcare Practice

Tailored Protection for Healthcare Providers

Protects healthcare providers from financial fallout of malpractice claims, covering legal fees, settlements, and damages, providing a safety net for practitioners to focus on delivering high-quality care.

Broad Protection for Diverse Medical Roles

Broad coverage for medical personnel, safeguards against legal and financial repercussions from professional errors, omissions, or breaches of duty, serving as a crucial safety net in healthcare responsibilities.

Partnering for Protection: MC De Villiers Brokers

We’ve teamed up with MC De Villiers Brokers to provide tailored Medical Malpractice cover, ensuring you have access to insurance solutions that meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry.