Med Manage

Taking care of your practice while you are saving lifes.

What is Practice Management/Manager?

Practice management involves decisions, actions and resource allocations to enable the provision of professional services to meet the objectives of the organisation.

The management of a medical practice requires understanding the needs of the health professionals, patients, non-medical staff and the community. Management processes involve planning, finance, technology application, information and most importantly, people.

A Practice Manager need to have sound knowledge of:

  • Health Law and Ethics
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Managed Care
  • Strategic and Operation
  • Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Healthcare
  • Skills development and Soft Skills Training

Our Services

We offer a tailor made service to suite your practice in the daily and monthly operations.

We have designed a service that benefits both the Medical Practice and the employees of the Practice and to carry the best interested of all parties including your Patients.

What Our Services Cover

  • Employee filling.
  • Locum List Management.
  • Employee Induction Inc. Locums.
  • Training – Soft Skills.
  • Exit Interviews.
  • Providing organisational development and structuring expertise.
  • Assistance with the administration of performance appraisals.
  • Employee training on HR and labour law issues.
  • Assistance with ISO and Skills Audits.
  • Remuneration and Employee Benefits Consulting.
  • Operational Plan.


  • HR reporting.
  • HR Document Drafting – We will assist in drafting and implementing workplace documentation, including:
    • HR Policies and Procedures.
    • Job Profiles.
    • Employment contracts and letters of appointment.
    • Independent contractor agreements.
    • Increase and promotion letters.
    • Customized agreements and documentation.

Our Packages:

Our Solution:

Making your patients the first priority.

Dedicated Practice Manager

You have the advantage of a Practice manager who not only specialises in the Healthcare sector, but is a Human Resource practitioner and Business manager.Our tailor made packages will assist your receptionist and Doctors by minimising the workload and creating better productivity. Our main goal is to have the best front row personnel to attend to your Patients..

Cost Efficient

You have the choice between a retainer basis (Monthly service fee) or once off service fee. Best way to cut some fix costs and you still have the benefit of a Practice Manager. It will also save you money on Recruitment fees as Med-Manage 3 cover all your needs.

Human Resource Issues Resolved

All your HR Policies and documentation are kept up to date with the relevant laws ensuring your practice is more efficient, complaint and successful leaving employees to focus on the core value of their purpose in your Practice.

How to get your Dedicated Practice Manager


Step 1

Are you interested in an outsourced Practice Manager?

Step 2

Call us now on 087 012 5015 or and one of our Consultants will schedule a meeting.


Step 3

Agree on the T&C’s and you have a Practice Manager on-board.

We make running a practice stress free. Rest assured, while we handle your HR and management issues you can get back to following your passion.

At last you can put your patients first!