So, you’ve made the decision to hire a locum for your practice – and whatever the reason may be, the process can seem intimidating. You don’t need the added stress, so why not put your trust in our team of experienced consultant to find the perfect match for your practice.

To get started, we need a couple of details from you. Let’ start with your practice details – which include the name and contact details of the practice. The obvious reason we need this is to draw up a client agreement that protects both the practice and Medical Resources Group.

Tying in with the above mentioned and to ensure our mutual protection, you need to return a signed client agreement as soon as possible in order for our team of consultants to start finding the perfect fit for your practice.

Since, you’re already busy with the paperwork – why not send us your Locum Induction Pack so we can make sure your candidate is fully prepped for his or her first day as a locum in your practice.

Up to now, it’s pretty much just been us asking you for stuff, so here’s what will happen from our side.

When requesting a locum, you’ll provide us with the available locum slots at your practice and our consultants will work around this schedule when they start the search for your locum. The candidates will be selected from a database of vetted professionals we already have on our books, but if none of the candidates match what you are looking for, we’ll expand the search through social media and various job postings.

After the deadline for applications, we’ll sort through all the applications received and compile a shortlist that we believe to be the best match for you and your practice. We’’ then send you a neatly compiled list for review and approval. If you’re not satisfied at this stage, we start searching again.

Once you have confirmed your satisfaction with one or more of our candidates in writing, one of our consultants will get in contact with the Locum to confirm his/her availability and go through the induction with them, hereafter a final confirmation will be sent to you.

You’ve got nothing more to  worry about, as we will keeping contact with you and the Locum to remind him/her about their first session, confirm that the Locum showed up for the first session and continuously track the Locum’s performance and integration with the practice. Ready to hire your first locum? Send us an email to or contact us on 087 012 5015 to get started.