Medical Resources Group is considered one of the premier healthcare consultancy companies in South Africa that offer a wide range of solutions to the community and Corporate entities.

We are a market leading company, aiming to offer a professional, reliable and timeous service at a competitive market related price. Having worked first-hand with unacceptably poor-quality locum healthcare professionals, we understand the frustrations expressed by the medical units employing them, co-workers working with them and patients seen by them. An unprofessional doctor could tarnish your practice/organisation or medical unit’s image.

The truth is you never know what you get in a locum/permanent healthcare professional and most medical units rather count on word-of-mouth references which are few and far between. We are here to assist you in all your recruitment needs to ensure the best candidate for your vacancy/sessions.

If you are in need of a locum for your practice, we will need the following information from you:

  • Name and personal details of the practice such as, contact numbers (Mobile & Landline numbers), active email account and physical address.
  • Signed Client Agreement
  • Completed Locum Induction – Client Information
  • Signed Client Rates

After we have received the above-mentioned information and documentation, we will assess your needs and assist you with filling your available sessions.

Our locum booking process involves the following steps:

  1. Receive available dates from client with client’s specifications.
  2. Source available Medical Professionals already validated with us to assist with the client’s needs.
  3. Once available Locums have been found, we compile a shortlist on the client’s needs.
  4. Available candidates are sent to the client for review and final confirmation.
  5. Confirmation obtained from client on email.
  6. We contact the Locum to confirm the sessions with the details of your Practice (Induction).
  7. We send a final confirmation to the client.
  8. Remind Locum of the sessions that are booked with continued follow ups.
  9. Confirm attendance of Locum on first day.
  10. Keep in contact with the practice to track the process and satisfaction of the locum’s service.

For any questions, inquiries and for booking a locum, contact us on 087 012 5015 or send an email to