It is no secret that doctors are income generators, which means that whenever a doctor is not seeing patients – your practice is losing money. But income is not the only reason to make use of locums in your practice.

We’ve made a list of 5 ways your practice will benefit by making use of locums.

  1. Gain work-life balance
    • Today’s younger physicians want a healthier lifestyle. Occasionally using a locums can allow you to cater to this desire in order to retain your healthcare workers.
  2. Prevent burnout
    • Incorporating locum doctors in your staffing strategy allows you and other doctors to manage the overwhelming demands of your profession by alleviating your on-call time or simply taking a day off knowing that your practice and patients are in good hands – all of which helps to prevent burnout and keeps you healthy and engaged for your entire career.
  3. Prevent mistakes
    • Proper staffing and reasonable hours are keys to maintaining quality care and preventing medical mistakes. Ensuring that healthcare workers get regular time off and work reasonable hours by bringing in a locums as needed helps to protect your practice – and your patients – from medical errors.
  4. Be prepared
    • Being short staffed for any reason results in a reduction in revenue, which means that one or more of your employees may have to be let go. Hiring a locum to cover your patient load during an unexpected illness or injury, or turnover, can save a practice from having to close or downsize.
  5. Book a locum today
    • One of the big benefits of owning your practice is being able to make all of the hiring decisions to ensure you find the best fit for your practice. Medical Resources Group can help find the perfect staffing solution for your practice from non-clinical staff to Locum doctors.

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