Practice management tools can help automate certain tasks in your practice and help you run a more efficient practice in general. Here are five tools that successful practices live by.

Patient Portals

Give your patients more control and incentive to become more involved in managing their health. These secure tools give patients the ability to communicate directly with your practice without tying up staff on the telephone, helps them request appointments and allows them the ability to update their medical aid and demographic details.

Electronic Prescribing Software

Say goodbye to errors associated with poor handwriting. Not only does electronic prescribing software speed up the process, it can also send prescriptions directly to the pharmacies. Another added benefit is that it can detect any patient allergies in the prescription and highlight that information.

Claims Denial Manager

A claim denials manager allows internal claims processors to quickly view any denied claims, make edits when appropriate, and resubmit the claims.

Voice Recognition Software

Take the first step towards faster, more accurate documentation by implementing voice recognition software that allows you to transcribe reports, convert text to data and many other tasks. And, you can easily switch to touch screen, mouse, or keyboard operation if preferred. Voice to text and text-to-data features are among the best time-savers found in practice management software solutions.

Medical Scheduling Software

If you looking for a real workhorse, then it’s time to invest in scheduling software to help you build new revenue streams or even just manage existing cash flow within your practice. The capabilities are dependant on your system of choice, but most often include detailed information about medical aid coverage and limitations of your patient’s fund, warnings and alert reminders.

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