Podcasts are easy to listen to almost anywhere — while commuting, while exercising, or even while doing household chores. The best podcasts are funny, inspiring, and knowledge-filled. With so many podcasts available, as well as so many great blogs, it can be hard to find the most beneficial and enjoyable ones, so we sorted through them for you. Here are some of the best podcasts and blogs specifically for doctors and locums docs.

Kevin MD
Founded in 2004 by Kevin Pho, MD, KevinMD.com is a great way to keep up with the pulse of the industry as told in blogs by thousands of doctors, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students, policy experts, and patients. It covers numerous aspects of the healthcare industry — including policy, medicine, technology, and private practice — and is easy to browse on a smartphone.

White Coat Investor
The White Coat Investor
 delivers information specifically for doctors and healthcare staff to better manage their finances, from how to pay off student loans to how to invest strategically. You can listen to the podcasts on iTunes or Google Play. The blog itself provides tons of information about better money management from doctors for doctors.

Physician on FIRE
FIRE stands for: financial independence; retire early. A doctor who built enough wealth by age 39 to retire (but who remains in the medical field out of passion) runs the site. The entire website with all of its blog content, calculators, and other resources all revolve around helping doctors attain financial independence, whether the goal is to retire early to pursue other passions, cut back on work, or to build wealth and use money more strategically.

The Happy Doctor Podcast
This podcast shares ways doctors and medical students are finding happiness, purpose, and inspiration for providing health care. The stories, tips, and knowledge reconnect students and doctors to a love of medicine in a simple, personalized, and practical way — and are easy to listen to while commuting, exercising, or taking a break. Listen through the website or iTunes.

Physician Grind
On the Physician Grind podcast, doctors and other healthcare providers discuss the beautiful, bad, and ugly in medicine — through true, remarkable stories. Each episode focuses on one in-depth story and lasts around five minutes. Listen through the website. The stories are truly entertaining.

Happy reading and listening.