The healthcare workforce is highly specialized and as a result, the healthcare workforce and labour market are uniquely competitive. Healthcare organizations across the globe are always looking for innovative recruiting-solutions to gain a competitive edge by being able to provide world-class care for their patients.

So, what are these trends?

Healthcare Employer Branding

When it comes to top healthcare candidates, you can be assured that they have options when it comes to employers and they are able to easily research the experience of employees in your organization on career sites such as Indeed.

Research have shown that 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job, and another study showed that over 90% of candidates think employer branding is an essential recruiting resource. But, how can you ensure you have an impactful employer brand?

  • Conduct an employer brand audit
  • Set up an employer brand strategy
  • Promote your employer brand to the healthcare workforce

Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce

Healthcare is experiencing a shortage of workers, and professionals of diverse backgrounds are particularly underrepresented in many occupations and in the upper ranks of many healthcare organizations – employers who have been able to see this gap in the workforce and are able to capitalize on the opportunity it presents will have an upper hand when it comes to delivering the best care to their patients whilst opening avenues to patients from various cultures and backgrounds.

Greater Use of Technology

Whether you are a fan of technology or not – it’s becoming a bigger part of our daily lives and it’s no different in recruiting.

AI can help reduce unconscious bias during the hiring process by anonymizing candidates and focusing on skills, not age, gender or race. AI technology can also be used to improve the screening process and manage interview scheduling.


Your healthcare organization’s success depends on your ability to adapt to changes in recruiting and healthcare talent management.

We pride ourselves in staying on top of the latest trends in healthcare recruiting to ensure that our clients receive the best candidates in the market.