How does the recruitment process work

The recruitment process is a long process that involves many processes and consideration before the job that you applied for is even posted on any platform. The process can also differ form one company to the other, depending on which methods they use in their recruitment and selection process. However, most large and some small employers have a formal process that follows to recruit and hire new employees.

Our process follows the following steps:

  • Receive notification of a vacancy within your origin

Once our clients identify an open position/vacancy withing their company, we are notified of said position that needs to be filled.

  • Arrange a briefing session to obtain all relevant requirements

One of our consultants meet with the client to discuss the vacancy in more details and discuss all the client’s requirements.

  • Source the best applicants through various techniques

We start looking through our database of candidates for a suitable individual to fill the position, or alternatively advertise the position to source a suitable candidate.

  • Interview candidates

We will set up and conduct interviews with all the suitable candidates.

  • Draft an in-depth personality report and CV for the short listed candidates

After all the interviews have been conducted, we will draft a shortlist of suitable candidates for our client.

  • Verify Qualifications, Professional Registrations, criminal records, credit worthiness

One of our consultants will complete all the necessary background checks on the shortlisted candidates.

  • Our clients interview the short listed candidates to verify our analysis

The clients get an opportunity to interview each of the shortlisted candidates to ensure that they find a proper fit.

  • We conduct 2 full references on short listed candidates from the client

After the client sends us a shortlist of the preferred candidate/s, we will complete two references on the candidates.

  • Our client selects the candidate that they prefer

Once the references have been completed and our client informed of the outcome, the client will select the candidate they prefer.

  • We conclude the negotiations with your preferred candidate

Our team will communicate the offer to the candidate and conclude any negotiations on the client’s behalf.

  • We track the candidate’s induction and integration into your organisation

Once the candidate has been placed, we will monitor his/her induction and integration withing the client’s company.